$1600 +

  • The silicone is actually quite nice for the price point of this doll, and makes me wonder how they can afford to sell it at this price! The size of the doll would make you wonder about it too. The silicone is stretchy, and lets the holes take greater girths without tearing. The body is still firm, though, and helps the doll stay put during play. I love the way they shaped this toy, it stays still a bit of a tease with its swimwear design but still lets it look naked to stimulate your mind during play.
  • oh my god! this is something that i have ever pretty doll view my life. exactly match the description and it is absolutely perfect. i tight it in my arms all night. as for free, fast, discreet, in a word, only positive. i highly recommend this and the seller.
  • The doll is amazing at sex and I love sleeping with her. I can spend an hour or two each day if I have the time just dressing here up and making her look really sexy. Even with the weight involved as long as you get the standing foot option, then handling her is not very difficult, since the joints are stiff and easily support her standing. I would say that this is an excellent investment for the money involved
  • Doll is a great quality and loving the time I have with her. only negative is that the fingers and toes are very fragile. a little bit more than I expected on upkeep but I also don’t mind spending that time with her .
  • I have a 165 cm doll that I customize with 2 heads depending on my mood. One of them is my wife and the other is just an affair. Highly recommended having 2 heads to customize your own doll!
  • I have no words to describe how amazing this doll is, her curves are insanely stunning, her butt is to die for, and her breasts are heavenly!!! I cant sleep with her in bed because I’ll be pounding her up all night ;p Only con would be that she is pretty heavy, I’m a fairly fit guy and I go to the gym everyday but even so, changing positions while grinding her is a workout in itself. Thank you Your Doll!! Now this beast has his own beauty! 🙂